Suspect arrested in theft of Portland victim's wedding ring, backpack


Tips poured in Thursday night after police released surveillance images and video of the suspect.

Police named the man as George Tschaggeny a short time after he was arrested at a homeless camp beneath a Portland highway overpass. Best died at the scene, police have said. Best, 53, was killed along with 23-year-old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, after they both stepped in to help two young women who were being taunted by a man on the train.

Sgt. Pete Simpson, Portland police official spokesperson, said that the theft of the Portland stabbing victim's personal belongings was "really an unconscionable act" and that it was an "awful scenario for [his] family".

Some of Best's possessions ― including his wallet ― were missing from the backpack when officers recovered it. Tschaggeny is facing multiple charges, including second-degree theft and second-degree abuse of a corpse.

"He was just telling us that we basically weren't anything and that we should just kill ourselves", Mangum said.

According to The Oregonian, a witness to the stabbings said Namkai-Meche's last words before being taken away by paramedics were: "Tell everyone on this train I love them".

Ricky Best 53 was killed in a stabbing on a MAX train
Ricky Best 53 was killed in a stabbing on a MAX train

"The backpack and wedding ring belong to victim Ricky Best", the Portland police said in a release.

Christian is accused of stabbing three people, killing two of them when the men came to the girls' defense.

Cops described the thief as a white male with a blonde mullet who was wearing a black Jordan Brand baseball cap in addition to the black shirt.

Christian was arraigned on Tuesday on three felony murder charges, one felony assault charge, three felony weapons charges and two misdemeanor counts of intimidation.

The confrontation reportedly began when Christian started verbally harassing two teenage girls - one of whom was wearing a hijab - and lobbying anti-Muslim slurs at them on a MAX train in Portland.