Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leaked Details Here!


Anyone who has either of Samsung's latest phones can apply through Samsung's USA website.

There is still some debate regarding the processor that will be equipped on Note 8, a few saying the Snapdragon 835 is most likely to be the chosen one, while others believe a slightly more advanced Snapdragon 836 will be presented. Bixby targets to find a better and a simplest way to give control over the devices and apps, to the user.

Sources have said its design will mirror that of the Galaxy S8.

Although a new iPhone hasn't yet been announced, early rumours suggest the iPhone 7 will be getting a replacement later this year - and it's set to be a real game-changer.

Previewed at the World Mobile Congress in February, Sony's Xperia XZ Premium smartphone is now available to order in the UK.

Each new flagship smartphone from Samsung is more powerful than the last, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the Galaxy Note 8 will be a monster. That said, both companies aren't expected to debut their smartphones before next year.

As for Apple, there are some reports that claim that the iPhone 8 might have this feature, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leaked Details Here!

The next big thing when it comes to biometric security on mobile is the onscreen fingerprint sensor. So it seems like the screen-to-body ratio champion is about to hit the market.

The Galaxy S8 features a bezel-free display with no physical buttons on the front panel.

It's thought that Samsung was close to including this embedded scanning technology on the Galaxy S8 but ran out of time perfecting it.

The Galaxy S8 launched with an uncomfortable fingerprint scanner mounted on its back, right next to the rear camera. Next, you'll have to add one voice line + unlimited data to this plan.

It is also clear to me that my wife is an Android user as she is more satisfied using Google Assistant, keyboards with tracing that work flawlessly, and likes customizing her home screen panels in a more personalized manner.

Now, results from a key benchmark test have popped up online for a Samsung phone with the model number SM-N950F.