Patty Jenkins Shares A New Poster Ahead Of Wonder Woman's Release


Wonder Woman certainly has a lot going for it including the fact that it is the first mainstream solo superhero film that has a woman at the center (Gal Gadot) of it and a woman (Patty Jenkins, director) at the helm.

It took almost 80 years since D.C.'s powerful Amazon princess made her comic debut for Wonder Woman to finally be given a solo movie and the final product proves to be worth the wait. "That was always there, how she was gonna go about doing it wasn't always there".

Cinemas in Beirut began removing the movie's posters and cinema executives said the movie would not be shown because of the ban. Luckily for us, this movie delivered in every way possible and has surpassed every obstacle and expectation that has been thrown its way. And I think that it's an important movie not only for women and girls, but it's also great for boys and men. After the success of the campy Batman series, an awkward Diana Prince and her alter ego, Wonder Woman, was the subject for a potential comedy series. They see each other as equals and treat each other as such. "She is completely realised in a powerful way that makes her able to be a hero but she doesn't lose any of her femininity to do so", she said during our interview ahead of the world premiere of the film. "I just feel like (saying) 'Thank you!'.I am super excited and I'm very, very happy!" Again I hate for this to sound preachy and over the top, but only a woman would really know how to handle a female superhero film the right way.

"There have been things that have crossed my path that seemed like troubled projects", said Jenkins, whose previous film "Monster" (2003) earned Charlize Theron an Oscar. The two other Fast and Furious films in which Gadot appeared were also screened in the country, with Fast and Furious 6 taking $788K and Fast Five grossing $520K. "Wonder Woman symbolizes the magnificence of a woman and how fantastic women are". I'm interested in the Wonder Woman that I grew up with. It's amusing, well-paced, exciting and the battle sequences are beautifully choreographed. Step back boys, because this film shows how a woman can lead battles, move mountains, and make a mark in the world.

With how amazing Wonder Woman is, we finally now have a female superhero in the modern age who girls of all ages can look up to. She is gorgeous, strong, courageous and she stands for everything right. "The DC movie you've been waiting for has finally arrived".

Wonder Woman, however, creates its own unique stamp on a historical superhero movie, largely due to the unique perspective and innocence offered by Princess Diana of Themyscira and the scintillating take on the role by Gal Gadot.