'House of Cards' Season 6 Release Date: Will There Be Another Season?


After Tennessee father Jim Miller was beheaded by domestic terrorists on the internet, President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) demands that Congress declare war on the Islamic terrorist state that backed the execution.

Has playing this kind of political fixer been something of an education in politics for you? And who cares about plot when you're having fun, eh? Like all superheroes or villains, Frank too has a sidekick.

Likewise, returning characters are Michael Kelly, as Frank's murderously loyal chief of staff Doug Stamper, and Scream's Neve Campbell as Claire's amoral press secretary. "Can you both root for a character and be terrified by a character?"

While the showrunners have not specifically stated that Mark Usher is based on a particular real-life D.C. political consultant, Season 5 is, in certain ways, a response to the current administration.

"Shake with your right hand, but hold a rock with your left", Parnell says in the ad, one of several Underwood lines delivered in a series of shots that mirror the Netflix series.

Even though the scripts were written well before Mr Trump took office, the season trailer has a distinctly familiar feel. That explains why Claire's outfit are always so perfectly pitched, not necessarily with the scene itself, but with the emotional undercurrent of which, any fan of the show will know, are deep and numerous. Here she again reminds him that she regards the vice-presidency and second place on the podium as a springboard, not a destination in itself. At the end of the season, Frank's work is complete and he's sworn in as President. He even hires writer Tom Yates to write a non-fiction book to push the same causes.

Claire: We can't fight everything off one by one, Francis.

Claire Underwood: To President Petrov. and his little pickle. Frank's ominous final words of the season: "We don't submit to terror".

In last year's season four, Frank finds himself facing the young Republican Governor of New York Will Conway on his way to the next presidential election.

Could this be the beginning of the end for the Underwoods - or perhaps just Frank?

Also making life hard for Frank is the ongoing dalliance between Claire and her live-in lover/creepy press officer Tom Yates (Paul Sparks).

How that campaign slogan plays out across the rest of the season would be the spoiler of all spoilers. Claire is a formidable FLOTUS and you get the sense she will be the one superseding her husband.

A sinister manipulative President lying to the American people and conning them for his own personal gain.

That's not to say topics raised or brushed upon by the Netflix drama don't periodically collide with reality, sometimes in uncomfortable ways.

"House of Cards" returns at time when a constant stream of political revelations out of Washington threatens to wash away the ability to jolt a jaded public.