Firefighters battling massive blaze in London high-rise


The Australian High Commission in London is making inquiries to determine whether any Australians have been affected by the fire.

It was Muslims, still awake for Ramadan, who raised the alarm and undoubtedly saved lives. We also made sure that the external cladding has "fire breaks" between each floor. It wouldn't be helpful to speculate on that until they have got to the bottom of it.

The area around Grenfell Tower is home to a large number of Muslims. As many gathered outside evacuation centres to await news of loved ones, they reported people following official advice to stay inside, unaware of the true extent of the danger unfolding.

The breaking dawn revealed the blackened wreckage of the building, which was still burning more than 12 hours later. "We told them them we've done what we can and that we've phoned 999, but obviously the look on their face was death", Lamrani said.

Grenfell Tower was recently upgraded at a cost of 8.6 million pounds ($11 million), with work finishing in May 2016.

Oxford City Council said it was carrying out renovations that "have delivered substantial improvements" to fire safety. "You can't get away from a fire on the 18th floor, but God's grace, they got away".

"The flames, I have never seen anything like it. We are in the Westfield just around the corner", he said on Instagram. It spread so quick. "It had completely spread within half an hour". London fire commissioner Dany Cotton said there had been a number of deaths, and that the incident was unprecedented in her 29-year career.

"The flames, I have never seen anything like it".

Firefighters react as a huge fire engulfs the Grenfell Tower early June 14, 2017 in west London.

"We carry out regular visits to high-rise buildings and our firefighters are routinely involved in training exercises to respond to incidents in these types of buildings".

"The windows were slightly ajar, a woman was gesturing that she was about to throw her baby and if somebody could catch her baby".

"I grabbed my little girl and ran down the stairs", he said.

Joe Walsh, 58, said he saw someone toss two children out a window on the fifth or sixth floor. Tiago Etienne, 17, said he spotted about three children between the ages of four and eight being dropped from an apartment around the 15th floor.

NHS England said 74 people are being treated in six hospitals across the capital, of whom 20 are in critical care.

Some fire brigades have described their high-rise training facilities.

Arnold Turling, who has advised the All Party Parliamentary Rescue Group, told The Telegraph the fire in West London was "entirely avoidable", and probably caused by a cheap, flammable insulation inside the new waterproof cladding and a lack of sprinklers.

Ruks Mamudu, 69, escaped from her first floor apartment wearing only her purple pajamas and bathrobe.

There are fears that people are trapped in the building.