European Union sources: United Kingdom to agree Brexit divorce bill before trade talks


Agreeing to pay a "Brexit bill" may be more inflammatory.

Critics argue she is in a weak position to fight Britain's corner against European Union counterparts who question whether her writ still runs in Westminster.

His priority, he said, was to clear up the uncertainties which last June's Brexit vote had created. The ardent pro-EU leader echoed the remarks by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble earlier in the day that if the British wanted to come back, "they would find open doors".

Thus whether Brexit can be halted or not depends primarily on the UK's government and people.

This remains the firm posture of her government - and the general consensus of other political parties in Westminster - today.

With May still hammering out the details of a post-election deal to stay in power with the support of a small Northern Irish party, there are fears of a disorderly exit that would weaken the West, imperil Britain's $2.5 trillion' economy and undermine London's position as the only financial center to rival NY.

But her gamble spectacularly backfired.

That problem is compounded by the fact that May has yet to strike a deal with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party that would give her the extra votes in Parliament she needs for a working majority.

May herself will also have a chance to update the other 27 European Union leaders on her Brexit plans at a summit in Brussels on Thursday.

That source, and another in the Conservative party, said May's misjudged election gamble had undermined her authority, leaving her in the thrall of the two wings of her party that have differing views for Brexit - "purists" who want a clean break and "remainers" pressing for close ties.

After a tumultuous week that pitched Britain into its deepest political crisis since the Brexit referendum a year ago, May's future was uncertain, darkened by her botched gamble on a snap election and muted response to a deadly fire in London.

May's two predecessors as Tory PM, David Cameron, and John Major, likewise urged her to reconsider her posture. Opponents describe that as a "hard Brexit".

Some signals indicate that the so-called "bloody hard woman" has already softened - or been forced to temper - her position. If she manages to remain in Downing St at all, it will be with a Cabinet demanding more collegial decisions.

If talks are on course, towards the end of this year the negotiators will be discussing the possibility of a transition period following Brexit during which new trade arrangements can be finalised and phased in. "There's more or less agreement on the menu..." But such FTAs take years to negotiate, complete and materialize.

One of the downsides of Brexit is that the European Union arrest warrant would no longer apply and fugitives from justice, including suspected terrorists, might be free from extradition. European Union officials have therefore put the realistic deadline at October - and at the latest November - of 2018. Because of such a radical drop, workforce experts have said the National Health Service is now facing its worst nursing crisis in 20 years.

But now he has dismissed speculation that he was that he wants to water down May's Brexit stance that Britain "cannot possibly" stay in the single market.

"Our view is that a withdrawal agreement and terms of the future relationship must be agreed alongside each other", the department said in a statement Friday.

Mr. Davis - who earlier said that he was hoping to negotiate a "deal like no other in history" - said that the United Kingdom was looking for "a new, deep and special partnership with the EU". With a hung parliament, this will be an uphill task.

It is not the first time references to walking have cropped up during the Brexit process.

The emphasis on the "will of the British people" was particularly notable given the recent election results that seemed to make clear there is little consensus in Britain over Brexit. He holds a PhD in International Relations and researches and writes on a number of areas.