Cosby thanks supporters; jury requests reasonable doubt definition


Bill Cosby is facing his fifth day of jury deliberations in a sex assault case involving Andrea Constand. The defence said the jury had struggled with the charges long enough, twice asking for a mistrial Friday.

Lawyers for USA actor and comedian Bill Cosby have demanded that a judge declare a mistrial in the entertainer's sexual assault case, complaining that jurors were essentially rehearing the entire week of trial testimony as their deliberations passed the 45-hour mark.

Judge Steven O'Neill explained the basic legal construct of reasonable doubt at the outset of deliberations on Monday, and did so again Friday.

"We're in the 40th hour and we can only imagine the emotional and physical toll this has taken on the jurors and we're just hoping that the judge, if they don't have a verdict by now, he would release them, and just say that this thing is a deadlock", Wyatt said.

If the jury can not agree it would result in a mistrial, leaving prosecutors with the decision of whether to again try Cosby, who is 79, or drop the case. They were bused to Norristown, Pennsylvania, from Allegheny County near Pittsburgh and have been sequestered in a hotel for the trial.

On Thursday, the jury of seven men and five women said it was unable to reach a unanimous verdict on any of the three aggravated indecent assault charges - but at the urging of O'Neill, panel members resumed deliberations and spent the rest of the day and evening behind closed doors.

O'Neill criticized the Cosby team for what he says is a "misperception that there's a time limit" on how long deliberations can last.

Jurors asked to re-hear the testimony of Gianna Constand, the mother of Cosby accuser Andrea Constand, specifically regarding the initial 2 ½ hour phone conversation she had with Cosby after Andrea told her that Cosby allegedly sexually assaulted her after plying her with pills and incapacitating her.

Things got heated at the Montgomery County Courthouse Friday.

"He preyed upon my vulnerabilities and he drugged and raped me against my will", Bernard screamed at the gathering. It's the only criminal case stemming from the accusations of dozens of women, all of which Cosby denies. "Unreasonable doubt can still exist, but by its very nature such doubt does not lead a reasonable person to conclude that the accused did not commit the crime in question".

"I'm going to ask this court at this point in time to declare a mistrial", said McMonagle.

On Friday, the panel listened again to what Cosby had to say about his use of the now-banned party drug quaaludes.

Cosby and his attorneys have maintained the incident at his home was one of at least three consensual encounters with Cosntand and part of their romantic relationship.

In a deposition from Constand's 2006 civil suit against the comedian, Cosby admitted he purchased Quaaludes, a powerful sedative, to give to young women he wanted to have sex with. Cosby was asked. "Yes", he answered.

"This is not a vindication of anybody", she said before the rows of television cameras.

Shortly afterward she began feeling dizzy and said her legs were like "jelly", Mason said.

It was at a basketball game that she met Cosby in 2003. It was a tacit agreement Gonzales regretted until a friend expressed how sorry she was after hearing the story.

"Consent is a freely given yes", said Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment (PAVE) founder Angela Rose, adding that Cosby's defense has been playing a game of "victim blaming and shaming". Cosby gave the deposition more than a decade ago as part of accuser Andrea Constand's lawsuit against him.