Apple Watch to enhance fitness monitoring using NFC tag reading


Apple has unveiled its new operating system for the Apple Watch at WWDC 2017, called watchOS 4.

Following up on the success of Apple's Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse watch faces, the company announced a set of three watch faces inspired by three characters from the Toy Story movie: Woody, Jessie and Buzz. Users will also receive unique Monthly Challenges designed just for them.

Given Apple's heavy lean on making workouts more robust in watchOS 4, it will likely want to hang onto its crown for giving swimmers the tools to track activity underwater. Apple isn't the first to introduce this feature-the Polar H10 chest strap can also sync your heart rate to various gym equipment, though it suffers from some lag.

The Dock on watchOS 4 gains a new look with a vertically scrolling interface. watchOS 4 can also automatically start when workouts are started, and music playback controls are integrated with the Workout app.

For those into, er, running and things, there's a handful of updates to Apple's Activity app. Apple says that machine learning is used to display information that's going to be useful to you at any given time.

"When we use gym equipment, it has data that the Apple Watch doesn't have and the Watch has data the gym equipment doesn't have so you end up with numbers - like calories and distance - that don't completely match", Lynch said during the opening keynote.

There's also new full-face album art designs arranged in a deck of cards that are easier to swipe through. Other data that is reliably measured using the Apple Watch such as heart rate is synced back with the gym equipment. For more information, visit

Its built-in Music app can now play songs based on its wearer's listening history.

While we didn't get a watch face store, Apple did add even more faces to the mix. This shows you relevant information based on the time and your location.

Summer-styled bands are available now to greet the season, including vibrant new Sports Bands, a yellow Classic Buckle and some Nike Sport Bands. Person to person payments and Apple Pay Cash will be available in the U.S. on iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and later, iPad Pro®, iPad® 5th generation, iPad Air® 2, iPad mini™ 3 and later and Apple Watch.