Xbox: Developers Can Choose Higher Framerates for Scorpio Versions, Even in Multiplayer


The problem, however, appears to be the result of Bungie and publisher Activision wanting their game to look the same on PlayStation and Xbox platforms, rather than Microsoft holding back developers for cross-console generation parity reasons. Furthermore, they want to make use of the Scorpio's hardware and capabilities will be entirely up to them.

This led to a question regarding parity of framerates between the same game playing on Xbox One and Scorpio, particularly in multiplayer (where differing framerates can make a definable adjustment in quality of play). The engineering lead at Xbox, Mike Ybarra, has affirmed that Microsoft is not going to force developers to make sure that there is an equal frame rate between the games of Xbox Scorpio and Xbox One.

This was to ensure that players on Scorpio didn't have any extreme advantage over regular Xbox One players in multiplayer games like Call of Duty. The changes invariably affected AAA titles on PCs so much even though they had so much hardware resources to spare.

In another tweet, Ybarra reiterated that its policy is that the developers have the freedom to use the power of Project Scorpio as they prefer.

And according to Microsoft, it will be completely up to developers to choose whether or not to leverage Scorpio's extra power to hit certain framerate or other graphical fidelity benchmarks. "We have no requirements limiting framerate or fidelity", he said.

As for the price, it is safe to expect that the device will cost at least a little more than the PS4 Pro.

As a refresher, Microsoft is expected to finally showcase the "world's most powerful console" at E3 2017, releasing it into the wild sometime this holiday season. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft's pledge that "no one gets left behind" would allow for Scorpio-only and One-only multiplayer servers.