Samsung Galaxy S8 users to receive software fix after display issues


Samsung immediately reacted and said it would issue an update over the next several days. The original 2016 model has also received the WiFi certification, indicating that there could be two variants of the Note 7 selling in the markets.

The almost all-glass design of Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus makes them lovely, SquareTrade said, but also "extremely susceptible to cracking when dropped from any angle". But today it is the turn of another dysfunction to be reassembled by the people who bought the Galaxy S8 ... In this case, the writing was on the wall the moment Samsung opened pre-orders for its Galaxy S8/S8+ phones.

Samsung-the world's largest maker of smartphones- has pinned its hopes on the Galaxy S8 to compete against archrival Apple's iPhone after last year's Note 7 disaster. The best features of this smartphone are its looks as Samsung first time launch its smartphone with no physical home button and also the fingerprint scanner on the backside of the smartphone. These complaints come just days after some Galaxy S8 devices started showing a odd red tint on the display.

"Because there are some complaints about the red-tinted screens, we chose to upgrade the software next week for all Galaxy S8 clients", said a Samsung spokesperson to The Korea Herald. Samsung's DJ Koh has already informed the journalists that they have double the stock when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7. In India, pre-orders for both the devices have commenced though the final numbers are still unknown. It concerns the wireless charging, which would not work with certain types of chargers. Samsung stated that won't happen until "spring," which led to some intrepid S8 users to find other uses for the button, and Samsung in turn to block them from doing so.