"PM Modi is monitoring developments in Kashmir closely": Amit Shah


Prime Minister Modi received praise from President Pranab Mukherjee, who called him one of the "most effective communicators". "The bridge that you've been waiting for five decades is finally here...it will be known by the name of (singer) Bhupen Hazarika", he said to loud cheers at a public rally.

Underscoring the government's achievements, BJP chief Amit Shah said the government has represented "India and its pride on the world stage..."

Replying to a question on employment generation, the BJP President said the government is promoting self-employment as it is not possible to provide job to everyone in the organized sector.

"Elections are still two years away and any (opposition) party can be a threat in the next elections".

Terming the NDA government's performance as "historic, memorable and untarnished by any kind of scam or corruption", the BJP claimed on Friday that the country recorded all-round progress under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership in the past three years.

"The BJP government under Modiji is the most decisive and transparent government, not a paralyzed government", Shah said.

UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath talks to patients during his visit to Kabir Chaura Hospital in Varanasi on Saturday
UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath talks to patients during his visit to Kabir Chaura Hospital in Varanasi on Saturday

On political front, he said, "We have succeeded in bringing multifold change in the national politics". The UP elections have underlined it. "We have virtually finished casteism, family rule and appeasement", he said.

On Kashmir, Shah said the government was monitoring the situation very closely.

Taking a swipe at the UPA, he said every minister was a prime minister in its government, while nobody took the real prime minister seriously.

Despite coming to power with an absolute majority, the prime minister has been silent on Lokpal, Singhvi said.

Highlighting the Modi governments flagship schemes, Shah said in last three years scores of villages were provided electricity which had been in dark since Independence. Shah listed out demonetization, enacting of enemy property act and "Benami property Act", passing of Goods and Services Tax, electoral reforms and end of "Lal batti culture" as "achievements" of the Government.

Goel also said that people of India called on "the saint from Gujarat" to lead the nation as they were fed up of the UPA govt's scams. But for the first time in India, people have supported the government like never before, through thick and thin.” He also appreciated the reciprocation people showed to his appeal for shunning LPG subsidy and declaring actual income to pay taxes.