Lt. Gov. Brian Calley announces Clean MI Government Constitutional Amendment


Lt. Gov. Brian Calley's big announcement on Mackinac Island was widely expected to be his entry into the 2018 race for governor. An independent political action committee has been running online ads for more than a month touting Calley and building anticipation about Tuesday's announcement.

It would amend the constitution to limit lawmakers to meeting no more than 90 consecutive calendar days a year.

Lawmakers now make $71,685 per year, with higher salaries for those in leadership positions.

The announcement comes more than a month after Calley began appearing in a series of online advertisements highlighting his family, professional relationships and political accomplishments working under GOP Gov. Rick Snyder, who is term-limited and can not seek re-election next year.

"(The proposal) makes it the same as we pay our teachers", Calley said. Lawmakers here earn an annual base salary of $71,685, the fourth highest rate in the country.

"Michigan is one of only nine states with a full time, year around legislature".

"There will just be less time for procrastination".

Published reports say Calley is going to instead announce his support for a part-time legislature.

Calley, who has served as Gov. Rick Snyder's lieutenant since 2011, will make another announcement on Thursday. Calley did not explain the discrepancy, although he may have referring to the average pay for first-year teachers.

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder can not run again due to term limits.

"The system will always protect itself from reform - so I am taking it directly to the boss - 'We the people, of Michigan, '" Calley said.

The push for a part-time legislature has been gaining steam in conservative circles.

Attorney General Bill Schuette also is expected to run.

In his announcement, Calley aligned himself with a petition drive already in the works.

Others argue lawmakers will need other jobs - potentially distracting them from their legislative duties.

More information on the initiative can be found on here.