Future Volvos will have Android OS built in


Essentially, this means that Android will be used to control not just the infotainment system but also various functions throughout the auto such as the air conditioning, seat warmers, sunroof, well, everything. This AI-driven smart helper was called Google Assistant, and is now available on new Android phones, as well as smartwatches and the Google Home smart speaker. Drivers will be able to access apps developed by Android, Google, and Volvo. This is a big step forward, as most smart features in cars are reliant on connectivity with a smart device, whereas Android Auto is an operating system built into the vehicle itself.

Google's annual I/O developer conference begins on Wednesday, May 17 with a keynote that will include many announcements about the future of Google hardware and software. Whereas users now project car-specific versions of apps to a dashboard running other software; full Android integration will allow Android to independently power he entire system.

It's also said that this version of Android will have full support for the Google Assistant, which is called up using a button on the steering wheel.

M - Volvo is partnering with Google on an Android-based next generation of the luxury brand's in-car multimedia and connectivity systems.

The agreement between Google and Volvo will result in new Volvo models within two years that come equipped with the technology. Perhaps most notable is the embedment of Google Assistant into the system, a first-time for automobiles.

Google will reveal more details about Android in-car integration at its I/O conference this week. In fact, the company is already working to integrated the Google Assistant into Android Auto. We first got a pie-in-the-sky peek at an Android-powered Maserati at I/O a year ago, but now Google is serious about delivering on its vision.

Volvo Cars' partnership with Google reflects the ongoing convergence between the automotive and technology industries as cars become increasingly connected.