Boston Celtics win the NBA Draft Lottery


The future of many teams will be greatly impacted Tuesday night when the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery determines the first 14 picks in June's draft.

This will be the seventh straight draft lottery for Phoenix, who hasn't made the playoff since 2010 when Steve Nash was on the team, and are guaranteed to select in the top five. Our opportunity could have been seventh, could have been tenth. We got Marquese Chriss eighth and Tyler [Ulis] at 34th.

The Celtics now will hold enormous sway over how the National Basketball Association draft plays out next month.

The Celtics are the first conference finalist with the No. 1 overall pick since the Lakers drafted James Worthy in 1982.

Meanwhile, he dished out just under six assists per game on a team that often seemed incapable of scoring if Fultz wasn't hitting contested step-back jumpers. Game tomorrow against a tough Cleveland team. The last time the Kings had the 5th pick, they ended up with Thomas Robinson over Damian Lillard. To get Jackson, who is projected as the No. 21 pick in Chad Ford's most recent mock draft, the Knicks likely would have to make a trade.

With Boston landing the No. 1 pick (this is actually the Brooklyn pick, but Boston had the right to swap as part of the Kevin Garnett deal), the next question is will GM Danny Ainge use it to add to the team's impressive depth, or might he trade this pick in a package for an established star (such as Paul George or Jimmy Butler)?

If the Lakers retain their pick this year, that'll be okay with the 76ers - that draft pick is unprotected next year.

The L.A. Lakers officially finished the season with the third-worst record in the league.

"And look what I leave behind for the Celts on my way out (No. 1) pick", Pierce wrote on Twitter. There's a possibility, the 76ers will have both the first and fourth overall picks by the end of the night.

"I was very excited and happy", Johnson said on the Lakers' Twitter feed. One of these years we'll get another Orlando Magic situation, and everyone will melt down all over again.

The draft lottery was drama filled, but a great night for the Sacramento Kings. Odds to land the picks are based on how low teams landed in the final standings.

"We can't expect to be a team on the rise this year", Connelly said. Minnesota snapped that streak by getting eventual Rookie of the Year Karl-Anthony Towns in 2015 and Philadelphia emerged with Ben Simmons last season. This is being touted as the best and deepest draft in a long time, and the Celtics control the fate of this draft.

"As you guys know, we really placed an emphasis on character and culture, so we want to see how the guys mesh with the rest of our group", McDonough said. The Lakers might be in a position to do the same given a little more patience.

Without a first-round pick past year, Jackson tried to fortify his team by trading for Derrick Rose and spending $72 million of free-agent money Joakim Noah. The Kings moved up to fifth overall and stayed at pick ten. He continued to put the Sixers in good draft position throughout his tenure, dealing Michael Carter-Williams for a Lakers protected first round pick that could convey tonight.