Mark Zuckerberg Gives F8 Keynote Address


In fact, VR is so big a tech this year that for the 2017 F8, there will be eight different VR-related sessions.

"Facebook Spaces" is a new VR app where you hang out with friends in a fun, interactive virtual environment as if you were in the same room. New changes include a whole line up from augmented reality developments to changes in Messenger. Facebook has evolved from a small meeting quarter in San Francisco to the convention centre in San Jose, accounting for around 4,000 participants, about twofold from a year ago, and an innovative Disneyland of splashy intuitive demos and presentations.

When Mark Zuckerberg first hit the spotlight as the CEO of Facebook he was a little awkward which was perfectly normal. The company may decide to allow Messenger, which already has more than 1.2 billion users, to be more independent from Facebook itself, competing against big global messaging systems such as Kik, WeChat, Line and others. "So things from artificial intelligence to virtual reality to augmented reality". The app though is in beta as of now but can still be downloaded from the Oculus Store.

"Think about how numerous things you use don't actually need to be physical", Mark Zuckerberg Told Recode where he also talked about his broader AR vision, which includes AR glasses.

Facebook will be launching software to help developers create such experiences called AR Studio. "Experimentation with lenses has led to greater time spent using Snapchat, and I expect the new version of World Lenses will do the same".

Facebook's mind-boggling releases on the first day of F8 shows the kind of meticulous planning that Zuckerberg and his team has done for the future. It's an effort to turn VR, which has historically been a solo activity, into a group activity. You'll be able to move around them and have the real objects coexist with the digital ones.

Augmented Reality Studio: Facebook is opening up its Augmented Reality platform for developers so that they can make maximum use of Facebook's computing power. "But we're going to give this another go", Messenger boss David Marcus said.

For a start, it's nearly certain that we'll hear updates on how the rollout of chatbots on Messenger has gone. Bots which are being recently used and trending are given more precedence.

Facebook enterprise businesses tool Workplace also added chat bots. This way more than one person can interact with third-party apps within a single thread. Facebook will also partner with Udacity to create custom training programs for Developer Circles.

But on the screen, they were looking at a scene from a game that was overlaid on top of the real world. The QR codes will need to be scanned with camera in Facebook's main app to reveal the details. The full potential depends on what developers bring to the table, but for now, Messenger is synced up with Spotify and promised an integration with Apple Music soon.